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Logistics Audit

While the focus of our logistics consulting approach is on doing (not just recommending), we’re often called upon to help our clients assess their current logistics or supply chain position. They want to know:

  • What is my current customer service level?
  • What and where are my hidden costs?
  • What are the risks in my current inventory practices?
  • Where are staff more critical than process?
  • Do you have enough staff and equipment or too much?
  • Do you have physical security of our products?

For some clients, a logistics or warehouse audit is required by corporate policy. For others, it forms part of a wider long-term strategy. And for some, it’s just about peace of mind. Whatever your reasons, there are times when you simply must know where you currently are, before deciding where you’re headed.

Return on investment

In line with our focus on doing, we make sure our logistics and warehouse audits are cost-effective. This minimises the risk; we like our clients to feel comfortable that the return on investment - after implementing our recommendations - will justify the initial expense.

What we check

Within your logistics or supply chain processes, we determine whether customer service, inventory and warehouse are being adequately managed. Our goal with the supply chain logistics management audit is to obtain reasonable assurance that records are complete and accurate for decision-making purposes.
Specifically, our supply chain logistics management audit examines:

  • Protection in variations in supply
  • Forecasting demand
  • Making allowances for uncertainty
  • Ordering regimes from suppliers
  • Information systems and organisational communications for logistics decisions
  • Training of people responsible for inventory management
  • Managing different stock categories for various types and facilities
  • Monitoring stock performance including understanding of stock turnover and slow stock movers
  • Appreciation of individual stock behaviours
  • Use and need of safety stock
  • Determining what and how much stock to carry
  • Supplier performance
  • Data integrity and validity

Logistics Audit process

Our process during your review will be conducted in accordance with general business standards of control. The review provides a good level of assurance about the effectiveness of your control procedures.

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logistics audit

Logistics Audit

Logistics - Anything but simple

Logistics are all about getting the correct products to your customers - consistently, on time.

Simple. Or is it?

In order for your supply chain to work seamlessly, your logistics require flexible and agile coordination of a complex set of processes, operations and systems.

It takes a best practice consulting solutions provider with experience, knowledge, proven methodology and the ever-more important, technological capabilities to provide accurate, fast Logistics Consultants.

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