Customer Satisfaciton


Cusotmer Satisfaction Check List

What do your customers want from you and your supply chain?

How well do your competitors meet the customer’s needs - do you know?

A total view must be taken in assessing customer satisfaction.

Performance measurements need to be focused on what factors add to total satisfaction, performance, total value or total cost.

One of the principle performance indicators in customer satisfaction is customer service. Your supply chain is a major contributor to this perception.

To obtain optimum service levels each of the links are necessary from each supplier to each customer throughout the supply chain.

Customers in the past never demanded the service that they do today. So, what is the supply chain doing to your customers and your costs?

What are we talking about?

Effectiveness: accomplishment of the right things, on time, within the requirements specified.

Efficiency: resources expected to be consumed divided by resources actually consumed.

Opeartional Excellence: best in class service at a cost you can afford.

Productivity: measures of output divided by measures of input for a given period.

Profitability: relationship between revenues and costs.

Predictability: obtaining the same result time after time.

Agility:  Doing more with less but for individual needs.

What are customers looking for?

  • accessibility of data (catalogue, price lists, literature)
  • completeness of data (products, prices, instructions)
  • availability of samples
  • accessibility of the organisation
  • expert advice
  • assurance of product suitability, quality, reliability (employees should be knowledgeable about products)
  • customers want to be noticed, appreciated and recognised as important individuals
  • efficiency of the information flow
  • products and services they need.

Transaction performance

Reliability: delivery on time, in the right quantities, and error-free

Quality of:
products, packaging, palletisation

Information about: order processing, dispatch, transport.

Flexibility: time, product variants, volumes and assurance of satisfaction after purchase.

After the sale.

  • technical support, training, help desk
  • availability of spare parts and repair instructions
  • product trace ability
  • handling of complaints: speed, monitoring, evaluation
  • administration: invoices, accounts receivable, and payments
  • performance measurements and evaluation.

Operational Performance

  • speed
  • predictable order cycle time
  • ability to handle extraordinary customer requests
  • contingency plans for recovering from service failures
  • inventory availability
  • operational /  delviery performance
  • accurate and timely customer logistical information
  • continuous service quality improvements

Do you know what customers want?

Do your Warehouse processes meet the needs of your customers?

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