Warehousing that is more than skin deep

Warehouse Design & Layout

Supply Today provide design and layout solutions to businesses needing operational excellence in their logistics, warehouse and compliance processes. 

There are many reasons to reivew your warehouse design and layout. 

As your business grows so does the inventory and orders handled by the warehouse.  Usually growth happens before problems are identified with the warehouse layout, or maybe your current lease is up and you have to decided whether to stay or move.

Warehouse deisgn & layout
Distribution Centre deisgn & layout

Some of the things you might have identified?

  • The warehouse is full and the isles are becoming blocked.
  • Staff are wandering around looking for somewhere to put inbound shipments.
  • Efficiency is impacted and additional casual staff are needed to get orders out.
  • Stock is stored in another location to meet increased inventory needs.
  • The product profile has changed and the current layout is just not working.


The functions performed by a warehouse and more importantly, how those functions are performed are the key elements of a good warehouse design.

Opportunities for improvement from redesigning existing warehouses can be achieved.

  • Each warehouse, its interrelation with other functions, and how the process is directed and controlled by a computer system must be understood.
  • What changes are expected in volume over the planning horizon (lease period is considered).
  • The warehouse design includes all elements of space, people, systems, equipment as well as implementation and operating costs.

Supply Today strives for strategic improvement in design and layout projects, the type of improvements that creates a competitive advantage for our client.

Competitive advantage comes from improvements in design, layout, quality, accuracy, timeliness, productivity, and cost.


Since 1998, Supply Today has managed countless projects of all types and sizes, including:

  • Adding additional racking and storage solutions to current warehouses
  • Green Fields project management
  • Re-laying warehouse configurations (Brown Fields)
  • Implementing cold chain systems and storage solutions
  • New warehouse design and layouts
  • Converting part of in-house operations to outsourced solution (and sometimes back again)
  • Improvements to an existing warehouse
  • Help with warehouse analysis
  • System Integration
  • Project Management
  • Process Design
  • Assistance in Supplier Negotiations to ensure the costs are optimised

Manage risk during warehouse changes

In order to reduce the risk associated with your warehouse change, three things are required:

  • process and technical knowledge,
  • hands on experience; and
  • an objective perspective.

Without these three vital elements, there is a risk you will analyse the warehouse challenge at face value.  This can be a high-risk approach because your warehouse design and layout are a compromise between conflicting priorities in a physical environment controlled by a computer running daily priority changes while trying to ensure compliance and accuracy for a predefined infrastructure investment. 

How can we help?

At Supply Today, we minimise warehouse design / layouts risk by working closely with our clients and external infrastructure provicers onsite to minimise the impact of any change being made during your warehouse changes.

Our staff are hands-on people who have actually been responsible for implementations in both green field and brown field sites and delivered the results desired.

Do you need to design or improve your layout?

Do you have the skills, knowledge and expertise in house?