Inventory Forecasting


Inventory Forecasting

You need to be able to effectively secure sales and efficiently manage the process of getting goods to the customer.

If products are your business

Success is a balancing act.

Given the inextricable interdependencies of sales and operations planning, ongoing success for a growing or large business is only feasible if you’re able to predicatably forecast demand and integrate forecasts into your sales and marketing plans.

Why Forecast?

Accurate, integrated forecasts give you the ability to strategically direct your businesses to achieve competitive advantage on a continuous basis:

  • optimise marketing, sales, financial control and purchasing
  • formulate effective marketing strategies for product growth
  • accurately set purchasing quotas
  • confidently and cost-effectively schedule advertising expenditures and sales promotions
  • establish operating budgets and manage cash flow and capital budget / expenditure decisions
  • reduced excess inventory
  • fewer stock shortages which result when demand exceeds supply
  • fewer unnecessary production line changes to fulfil unanticipated demand
  • improved customer service levels as supply and demand balance
  • achieve more economic purchasing power

Our Inventory Forecasting Services

There are many ways to look at forecasting.  Using past history, your sales budget for the year, and input from the sales and finance teams you have a forecast.  We can help you turn that into an inventory forecast to meet your needs.

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