If you can't find an item, you don't have it

Inventory Control

What stock do you have? Exactly where is it?

Effective inventory control gives you the power to answer these questions.

Then, and only then, will you be able to develop your inventory control systems to ensure that you have the right stock, immediately before you need it, and you can find it.

Inventory Control Consultant Services
Inventory Control Consultant Services


Effective inventory control gives you the power to answer all of these questions.

  • what stock do you have?
  • exactly where is it?
  • do you have as much as you thought?
  • is the stock damaged or expired?
  • does the physical match the computer?

Root Cause

With any physical inventory holdings there are many areas impacting on the results of stock on accuracy.

  • supplier delivery accuracy
  • receiving functions attention to details at time of receipt
  • location system in the warehouse
  • put-a-way process
  • inventory moving without paperwork
  • data integrity of pack sizes and bar-codes
  • human error
  • credits / returns
  • timing issues
  • poor stock take procedures and no cycle count program

Our Services

We review where inventory errors occur in the physical and paperwork process .

  • all physical warehouse processes
  • inventory pick n pack processes
  • inventory dispatch processes
  • inventory recording processes
  • inventory management controls
  • inventory system controls
  • stock take system
  • cycle counting system
  • inventory counting methods
  • key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

Supply Today’s Consultants are highly experienced in physical inventory control processes and will provide you with a written report on our findings.  We can then help you correct any issues or problems identified.