Inventory Management



Inventory Control

What stock do you have? Exactly where is it?

Effective inventory control gives you the power to answer these questions.

Then, and only then, will you be able to develop your inventory management systems to ensure that you have exactly the right stock, immediately before you need it (and not a moment sooner).

Inventory Management

If your inventory is more business burden than business backbone, it is time to review.

Your success revolves around maintaining exactly the right stock levels. Too little stock, and you can’t meet customer expectations and service level agreements.

To resolve problems, you first need to identify the cause.

Safety Stock

Supply and demand may be simple to understand, it is anything but simple to manage.

Over time, demand for your stock to service demand vary, making forecasting uncertain and leading to poor customer service, high distribution costs, slow deliveries, high stock levels, high inventory carrying costs, often all at the same time.


If products are your business, success is a balancing act. You need to be able to effectively secure sales and efficiently manage the process of getting goods to the customer.

Given the inextricable interdependencies of sales and operations planning, ongoing success is only feasible if you’re able to accurately forecast demand and integrate forecasting into your plans.

Sales & Operations Planning

The Objectives of the Sales Operations planning is to monitor sales and inventory investment and plan Customer service levels.

Develop a single forecast to meet requirements of Sales, Marketing and Finance.

Develop a procurement plan to meet forecast. Set and agree inventory investment levels. Manage projected out of stocks.

Virtual Inventory Consultants

Virtual Inventory consultants have transformed the traditional view of the consulting field.

You are no longer stuck playing host to a mixed team of experienced experts and junior consultants.

Today, you can pick a senior consultant to deliver his or her individual, inventory expertise over the phone or via the Internet.