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Virtual Logistics Advisor - Are They for You?

Virtual Logistics consultants have transformed the traditional view of the consulting field.

You are no longer stuck playing host to a mixed team of in-experienced experts and junior consultants.

Today, you can pick a senior healthcare logistics consultant to deliver his or her individual, specialised expertise over the phone or via the Internet.

This can include anything from a coach, mentor, sounding board, online seminars to phone or e-mail consultations, and even a conference or video call with an independent advisor to double-check information provided by an on site consulting team from a different company.

Virtual Logistics Consultant Services

Lower costs, improve productivity, and reduce risk.

The advent of the internet, e-mail, networks, and video conferences allowed the burgeoning virtual consulting market of the 1980s and 1990s to blossom.

Today, you can find virtual consultants in nearly every profession – accounting, legal services, and even medicine (witness the growing field of telemedicine) and now logistics and warehousing.

A quick internet search on the terms "teleconsulting” or "virtual consultant” will generate over 32,000+ service offerings from which to choose.

What are the benefits of a virtual Logistics consultant?

The primary benefit of the virtual logistics consultant program is its lower cost – you don’t need to pay for travel and you don’t risk the consultant looking for a permanent gig.

Unlike typical consulting firms with higher overhead from offices, marketing and sales personnel, administrative staff, and so on, the warehouse consultant is dependent on word of mouth and reputation; quality of work (as opposed to length of contract) cannot afford to suffer.

How can Supply Today assits?

We can assist clients in a range of areas, including answering inventory questions, providing advice and assistance with process development, modifying and creating reports, and conducting training / coaching or development sessions for staff.

This service is initially available for warehouse solutions; safety stock reviews, process reviews,  strategy, logistics and warehouse improvement projects.

Clients can access this service both over the phone and online, using technologies such as ‘remote desktop’ control, which enables clients and the consultants to see and action the same screen.

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