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A forecast process provides the ability to strategically direct businesses to achieve competitive advantage on a continuous basis.


Inventory are those stocks or items used to support sales, inventory items such as components, spare parts and finished goods.


Logistics is the art and science of obtaining and distributing products at the right time, to the right place, at the right cost and in the right quantities.


Establish an as-is project team for requirements.  Obtain an understanding of current Logistics processes and computer system before your make changes.


Purchasing implies a monetary transaction. Procurement is the responsibility for acquiring the goods and services the organisation needs.


Warehouses have never faced greater challenges from external forces that they do today.  Look at this short list of things to consider.


What do your customers want from you and your supply chain. 

How well do your competitors meet customers needs - do you know?


Resources are planned and used in the production process regardless of actual demand often based on economies of scale.

Make goods for your business.

Human Resources

To ensure that your warehouse team performs according to expectation.

Management has to fulfil key responsibilities and manage staff correctly.

Management System

Develop sub-milestones and project plans.  Make sure you have clearly defined responsibilities and deadlines.

Materials Handling

Materials handling is the moving of goods between incoming transport, storage, processes and outgoing transport.

Transport & Distribution

What is needed to achieve a Cost-effective means of Transport and Distribution.