Ideal opportunity to improve your warehouse and processes

Move a Warehouse

While a warehouse move is a challenging operation for any business, it also represents an ideal opportunity to improve your warehousing processes.

Whether your warehouse has failed, is under performing, or you’re planning changes and want to ensure your warehouse performance, we can help.

Move a Warehouse Consultants
Move and Improve Warehouse Consultants


Many believe the warehouse function is so basic any decent manager can project manage moving the warehouse.  Then when the move does not run smoothly, it is not easy to understand why.

At Supply Today, we are highly skilled in warehouse moves, and we don't just move your existing warehouse to a new location: 

  • we examine what you are doing now
  • how you are doing things now
  • devise improvement solutions for the new location, and
  • implement them as part of the move.

Move and Improve


For your warehouse to work seamlessly, you require a flexible and agile coordination of a complex set of processes, operations and systems in real time.


Technology, processes and people all need to work in an environment setup to enable productivity and ease of understanding as part of the warehouse setup.


A move project can include complete data analysis, strategic direction and implementation - delivering in-depth warehouse project management for a complete move:


  • Project management of all relocation aspects
  • Review ideal operational requirements
  • Detailed analysis of design functionality
  • Warehouse layout configuration
  • Management of inventory relocation
  • Handling inventory check-in and put-a-way process
  • Warehouse system configuration & functionality matching
  • Project manage go-live readiness
  • Support services during the first few months of operation

How can we help?

Our consultants are hands-on project managers who have held senior positions in warehousing and have been key to many successful warehouses moves.

Put your move into safe, experienced hands and work with Supply Today's warehouse consultants.