Project Management


Project Management

Contrary to popular belief, Logistics project management isn’t just a concern for the warehouse.

Every business – big or small – relies on the effective planning and implementation of the project for it's success.

Our Project Management Services


At Supply Today, we have vast experience in Warehouse project management. In fact, our team of specialist consultants totals more than 30 years in a variety of project management roles, from Warehouse Managers to Supply Chain Managers, Logistics Managers and General Management.


In order to meet your sales commitments, you rely on your warehouse and transport successfully providing the necessary product, at precisely the right time for the right cost.


There are hundreds of miscellaneous tasks involved in change (which can make thing seem quite overwhelming), but when it comes down to it, it’s all about project management.

Logistics & Warehouse Projects

Since 1998, Supply Today has managed countless projects of all types and sizes, including:

  • Implementation of "fix it" solutions
  • Process improvement projects
  • Re-laying warehouses
  • Implementing WMS, TMS systems and solutions
  • Moving companies in and out of a shared facility
  • Converting in-house operations to outsourced solution (and sometimes back again)

Minimal risk warehouse projects

In order to minimise the risk associated with your projects, three things are required:

  • process and technical knowledge,
  • hands on experience; and
  • an objective perspective.

Without these three vital elements, there is a risk you will analyse the business challenge at face value. 

This can be a high-risk approach because your Logistics and Warehouse processes are a compromise between conflicting priorities in a physical environment controlled by a computer running daily priority changes while trying to ensure compliance and accuracy.

How can we help?

At Supply Today, we minimise warehousing project risk by working closely with our clients to minimise the impact of any change that is being made during your warehouse project.

Our staff are hands-on people who have actually been in the top positions in Warehousing and have been responsible for prior implementations and the results achieved.

We combine practical, real world experience and high level educational qualifications.

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