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Sales & Operations Planning

Inventory Management

S&OP Services

The Objectives of the Sales Operations process is to:

Monitor sales, procurement and inventory investment to plan Customer service levels to agreed targets.
Develop a single forecast for each area to meet requirements of Sales, Marketing and Finance.
Develop a procurement plan to meet forecast.
Set and agree inventory investment levels for each product group.
Manage projected out of stocks
Provide an interface between new product development ongoing operations.
Agree on action for slow moving and obsolete stocks.

Do you examine the impact on sales?

Back orders
What caused them
What corrective action should be taken
Projected back orders
Competitor supply problems

Product Swings

Products over selling forecast
Products under selling forecast
Forecast changes required
Market trends


Customer requirements
Sales sample demand
Marketing strategy
Sample shipments
Supplemental shipments

Products Reaching Expiry

Volume - Should we deal, sample or spoil
Repack or rework
What are the benefits / Potential losses

New Product Introductions

Introduction schedule
Does the manufacturing plant have copy / Specifications?
Time line update
Launch Date
Launch Quantity
Launch Sample Quantity

Copy Change

New Copy
Burn out old Copy
Time Lines

What numbers should be reviewed?

Out of stocks
Inventory Holding
Service Levels

Key Performance indicators:

Inventory turnover:
Stock coverage:
stockholding x 52 weeks / annual usage
Customer satisfaction:
comparison of % of sales actually satisfied with the defined service level
number of back orders

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S&OP Management

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Logistics are all about getting the correct products to your customers - consistently, on time.

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