Agile Warehouse



Agile Warehouse

Agility and flexibility are the essence of good warehouse and logistics management.

  • Adaptive and able to move quickly is necessary for an effective distribution strategy.
  • Each order must be handled differently.
  • Each customer has their own set of instructions and requirements to satisfy.

In addition Logistics processes need to be lean.

Lean is a fact-of-life in today's business world. Do more with fewer resources.


Time is the biggest driver and enemy of agility.

It drives customer satisfaction, responsiveness and cost. It is important to gaining competitive advantage in warehouse management.

Faster. Faster. Faster. Orders change, demand changes.

Delivery requirements shorten, inventory requirements change.

Customers expectations increase, regulatory and complaince needs are always in the background.


Visibility is very important to agile healthcare logistics. Visibility requires systems capability to see customer orders and inventory.

E-mail, faxes and phone calls do not give visibility to a warehouse. They are emergency measures and do not provide transparency. Logistics cannot manage using e-mail, especially with international suppliers.

Technology is not the complete answer.

Technology is one part of three parts to success.  Processes; and people are two other parts.

Some make the mistake of assuming that systems will solve all problems, be a silver bullet, and are disappointed when that does not happen. It does not happen because of other issues with processes and or people.

Technology is necessary.

Visibility into multiple customers with multiple purchase orders is vital to managing the inbound part of the supply chain.

Revising, reprioritising and amending open orders is needed to be agile and flexible to changes in inventory and customer requirements. E-mail and faxes are not the way to manage suppliers and purchase orders; technology is.

Our Agile Warehouse Services

Supply Today have implemented effective business management systems creating confidence amongst staff in the processes and reliability of services, while at the same time, benefiting from improved time management.

We have an effective business management system to create the basis for continual improvement leading to increased customer satisfaction and ultimately to the success of your business.

Is your warehouse Agile?

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